I just wanted to say a big thank you from the family and myself  for the lovely service that you conducted for ********.You were very supportive from the initial planning through to the service itself and my auntie would have very much enjoyed her sherry.


I’d just like to say thank you so much for making Friday bearable.  The service was sentimental and funny, *** would have loved it.


Just wanted to say a massive thank you for my Dad’s funeral. You captured my Dad perfectly. We had so many people commenting on how interesting it all was and how they enjoyed the service.  You did a great job and it is much appreciated.


I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful service yesterday. We had lots of comments when we arrived at the Football club saying how great it was. Some thought you were a friend of Gary or known him a long-time with how you spoke. I don’t think it could have been any better if we had tried.  Chris also asked to pass on here thanks to and also thank you for the copy of the service. This meant alot to her.


I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you for the major part you played in ***’s funeral, as well as settling me down when I got the jitters. I understand everyone had a seat. You made it a celebration of her life and I know it would have been just what she wanted.


I cannot thank you enough the service was lovely and everyone has commented on how nice it was. As you know we are a family of differing parts and I am sure we are not the only ones you have come across but I feel you handled everything in a caring and considerate manner.  You are a special lady and helped us all through this sad time.


I wanted thank you so much for all your expertise and care putting together the service for my Dad, bringing it all together and ensuring it all went to plan on the day…it went well and only because of you, thank you.
I cannot imagine how much emotional energy you expend every week coordinating services for so many different occasions, you are amazing…
My Dad was so lovely and he would have been very pleased that you lead his service, thank you again.


Just wanted to say thank you for a lovely well presented service. Loads of positive comments regarding how good and how different it was. To say you did did all that from a phone conversation with me was impressive. Thanks again.


Thanks so much for taking care of my mother, sister and me yesterday and for the time and patience you applied to the order of service and tribute.
I won’t forget your kindness.
I have just watched the recoding even though I hasn’t intended to.  I’m pleased I did- it could not have been bettered.


Dear Diane, I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the lovely service you provided for our beloved *** on Tuesday.
You delivered her eulogy in such a heartfelt and authentic manner, we couldn’t have wished for anything more.
You really do provide comfort and have a lovely demeanour, so gentle and calming.
Really appreciate this, again many thanks from both **** and myself.


I wanted to thankyou for what you did for us at my mums funeral.  You did an amazing job and I’m truly grateful. I meant to speak to you on the day but was too busy blubbering.  Again thankyou so so much..you really did make it just how we wanted and we all  will be forever grateful .


This is just a note to say thank you so much for yesterday.  It was so good to meet to, if only briefly.  You made everything so easy for my family and me,  the tribute you compiled told of Mum as a person in her own right and not just ‘my mum’.  I can’t thank you enough for your support, both in your professional capacity and emotionally.
Fond best wishes and bless you


Just to say thank you so much for a wonderful service. You gave our Mum a wonderful tribute. Thank you


As always you presented an amazing celebration of my Mum’s life, everyone who attended commented on how well you delivered her service, you should be really proud of yourself. My husband, son and myself thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the final goodbye my Mum received from you, it was so heartfelt by everyone, very much appreciated.


On behalf of myself, my sister  and all the family I would just like to say thank you so much for the service for Dad. It was put together so well and just listening to your calming words made it much easier to stay composed. I learnt a long time ago to listen carefully to those words at funerals but sadly not everyone has your gift. You were wonderful.


I wanted to email on behalf of all Malc’s loved ones to say thank you for such a lovely service and send off for Dad. It was very fitting and lots of those attending have been back in touch to say so too (I hope some may also have told you directly after service too) I also wanted to thank you for wise words and advice shared during our communication before the service. It really helped during the extra difficulty and stress that Covid is brining. Your words about celebrating when we can, when our heads will be in a different  place and the fact that we might actually be thankful for a small gathering are very true.

I don’t actually know how you do that as a job but you are so respectful, calm and comforting. I know I speak for us all when I offer our heartfelt thanks once again for making our trauma a little bit easier.


Just wanted to say thank you for Jeff’s service on Wednesday. I think it went extremely well and what could have been a miserable experience was actually uplifting and positive. You didn’t know any of us but you picked up on what I had said and gave a beautiful address. The sun even came out for us


Would just like to say Thankyou for today’s service for xxxx, you gave her a lovely send off despite circumstances, as a family we want to thankyou


I would like to say a very big thank you from myself and on behalf of my family for your help to make our farewell to Grandma so special.  The family really felt relieved and content that she had the goodbye she deserved.  During such difficult times and the unfortunate way that she died alone we were very anxious that her funeral may become a formality.  With your help and guidance it was anything but and the beautiful service is helping us all but especially my mum and dad to be more positive.  You have a challenging part to play in many peoples lives especially during such difficult time and we would like to thank you and let you know what a difference you made to us and that we really appreciate it. many thanks


I hope that you are keeping well amid these challenging times.
I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful service that you officiated at for my aunt. The recording arrived yesterday, and my parents and I have had an opportunity to view it.
As I wrote to Joanna, what a wonderful tribute we all partnered to produce, with you taking the lead. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. We so appreciate the love, and care and consideration that was poured into it on our behalf. You have quite a gift. Thank you.  Stay safe and keep healthy.


Can I say once again thanks for the beautiful service you delivered today for our mum’s funeral, to say it was fantastic is an understatement, do many people at the wake commented on both the details and the delivery of the perfect service.  Thanks doesn’t even come close to how we feel the service went.


I would like to thank you for the service of celebration and support you gave the family and friends of ****.   You helped us remind ourselves of how **** loved us in her non assuming way, and because of the love we shared with ****, **** will always be with us.  The ease at which you listened to Dad and I and understood what we wanted.  Your delivery showed the sincerity we had previously witnessed and is what drew to finding you.   The Quiet reassurances that you gave us, gave us strength.  I wish you the best.  A huge thank you.


 I would like to send you a Huge thank you on behalf of the family for yesterday. Although a sad occasion, absolutely everyone said how much they had enjoyed/loved the service and thought it was like you  knew us as a family personally. The turnout was brilliant, we lifted the roof off during the hymns, we laughed and we cried just as it should be. Almost everyone came back after and we shared lots more stories,laughs, tears until kicking out time. So once again Diane thank you xx


I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for a lovely personal service yesterday for David.  I’m sure that he would have approved of the send off we gave him and I am more than delighted with the way the proceedings went.


On behalf of the family we just want to pass on our sincere thanks for the way you conducted the service for our mum, it was a very difficult day but you made it a beautiful service.


Diane, on behalf of all the family i would like to thank you for the lovely service you did for our brother yesterday, everyone commented on how nice it was and how appropriately the wording was for Ian and the difficulties he had.

thank you


I would like to thank you for the lovely service you conducted for my dear husband at Bramcote.

I have had many complimentary remarks on the way the service was conducted and the precise and clear reading by you on the day. It was said that he would have approved.

Thank you once again


Just a note to say thank you so much for carrying out the service at mum’s funeral on 17 December 18. It was a very dignified, moving and compassionate service. The eulogy captured the essence of mum totally.



Just a big thank you from me for the  wonderful Service you gave for Terry. Though a very small congregation I have received many messages from family and friends saying best Service they have attended in a very long time. What compliment. Thank you again x



I just wanted to thank you for conducting the celebration service at my dad’s cremation.  I felt your words were very fitting of my dad’s personality, his life and friendships. Lots of guests commented at the reception that it was a lovely tribute to him, and I truly appreciated your patience, advice and guidance at a difficult time.  Many thanks


I just wanted to thank you for all your kindness and support throughout such an emotional time for us all as a family. So many people said to me that the service was wonderful and incredibly moving and we are very grateful for everything you did to contribute to the celebration of our lovely Dad’s life. Your warm manner touched everyone and you certainly inspired me with the courage and confidence to say the words that I had written about Dad. Thanks also for your flexibility when we wanted to get the words just right!


Dear Diane,thank you so much for Ian’s wonderful thanksgiving service at Bramcote Crematorium on Friday. So many people told us how much they had enjoyed your warm and caring presentation and our whole family really appreciated all your support. It is so lovely to have the bound copy of the whole service. Best wishes,


Thank you so much for the lovely service you gave for my Dad today.

Thank you for standing by me throughout my speech too. I really appreciate you being there for me.

Everybody felt that you did a fantastic job today. It was exactly what I’d hoped for & the fact that you met Dad made it feel so personal.

Thank you


I just wanted to say on behalf of us all what a wonderful service you did for Audrey yesterday. So many people said how lovely it was and we captured everything Audrey would have wanted.

You do an amazing job, I was very apprehensive about having a non-religious service as I am a Christian but you proved me wrong and it was one of the nicest services I have been to.

Thanks once again.


I have recieved the copy of service and would like to thank you so much for a lovely service.

The family and myself felt it was a special service dedicated to our mother and you did an amazing job.

You are a special lady who delivers an amazing service.


I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for leading such a lovely service yesterday. The guidance and support you gave us in the lead up to the service was invaluable and we are truly very grateful to you for your help in making the service into the celebration of Sheila and her life that we all wanted.  We have given Bill the bound copy of the order of service words which I’m sure he will spend many hours reading and which I hope will give him some comfort in his grief.  

Once again, many thanks for your help and support.

Very best wishes


Thank you so much for yesterday. You made the day very special for the family, your kindness and guidance made the event go seamlessly. The service was everything we could have wished for. Not sad but a celebration of Mums life, many memories of which were discussed afterwards. So once again thank you so much.


‘I wanted to just thank you so much for your preparation and leading my Mum’s funeral service.

My family and I, especially my Dad were seriously impressed with the way in which you spoke about mum.Your personable manner made us all feel totally at ease.

I’m sorry it has taken me this long to thank you, circumstances seem to have taken over, I have been with Dad most days.

Anyway, once again thank you Diane.


Hi Diane, thank you for putting together such a lovely service for my Nan. Everyone commented on how lovely it was :) Eaton farm went well too, lots of memories told and food eaten Haha! X


Dear Diane

I have been asked to contact you on behalf of the family to thank you for leading the Service of Celebration for the life of Edna, our mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, aunt and friend. All of those who attended thought that service was a fitting tribute to her and agreed that it was exactly what she would have wanted and liked for herself.

We would like to say that you the help you gave us in deciding the form and order of service and your choice of poem were excellent. The Eulogy you delivered was excellent; you had clearly picked up what was important to us in our earlier discussion and it had the right balance between fact, sadness, humour and an appreciation for her life. Your delivery was excellent and everyone agreed it was Edna to a tee.

While clearly, such an occasion has a level of sadness for the loss it is important that it is a celebration of, in Edna’s case, a long and valued life. We thank you for being such an important part of that celebration. 

With all best wishes.

Hi Diane not sure if you remember me and the family but you took my Father’s service at Bramcote 3 years this Christmas (24th Dec).

You were wonderful and I often tell friends how your services were exceptional – you helped us send Dad on his final journey to perfection thank you again.

Thank you so much for everything you did and said for Betty yesterday.   It was a truly memorable service and everyone commented on its smooth running.    You were so professional, and kind at the same time.

I couldn’t be more pleased with our final running order, and the way it all turned out.  I think Betty would have been pleased.  


I wanted to thank you for the service you conducted for us yesterday.

I feel your sincerity on delivering all parts of the service very touching and apt. Many of the mourners asked about you and had the same sentiments as myself. Of course it was a very upsetting day but I found your words very comforting and thought provoking as to where he is now. I hope he is looking down on us and smiling at the kind words everyone said about him.

I’ll never forget how kind and comforting you were to me at this awful time and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


I just wanted to send you a message to thank you, for making what was the second hardest day of my life, a little bit bearable.

The service was lovely, and everybody commented on it, and you! You dealt with it for me, in such a sensitive and caring manner.

Thank you, again, Diane.

I just want to express my sincere gratitude from all of the family and friends that attended my sister’s funeral yesterday. To say you never met or knew Michelle, you did her so proud. You are an amazing listener. From talking to us and taking our emails etc into account you paid such a fitting tribute to Michelle. She would have been so pleased with how yesterday turned out and would have been so moved by what you said about her.

Thank you from the bottom of my broken heart



Hi Diane, thanks for sending me the service program, is was a wonderful service and you described Marty perfectly x everyone agreed what a lovely service it was and I would like to thank you once again for being comforting and very helpful in getting us through this sad time,it was lovely meeting you(although a sad time) take care lolxx


Just a word of thanks for your help with everything for dads funeral service, much appreciated by all the family.

Hi Diane 

My mum has asked me to contact you and say a big thank you for such a lovely service you put together for our family to celebrate my dads life.   Many people commented how well it was put together.  Once again we thank you.

Take care, Thank you X

Hi Diane

It just seemed odd yesterday to simply wave goodbye, when you had been so good to us and we really felt a bond with you.  You not only did a super job at the preparation stage, you were so understanding too.  But then you certainly delivered well yesterday and so many said what a wonderful way of saying goodbye to Andy it had been. 

All the best for developing your services Diane – you do a wonderful job and you do it so well.

Many thanks

Gordon, Jan, Gillian & Evie.

Dear Diane,

I just wanted you to know that so many people have told me how beautiful the service was today. Thank you for your guidance and support during this difficult time and for being so brilliant on the day! We all did Simon proud!!

Best wishes and take care, Lynda x :)

Just wanted to say thank you so much for doing such a lovely service for us on Friday, it all went very well . You are definitely in the right job .

Hope to see you again at home (not work ) .

Thanks again Rita X

Hi Diane just want to thank you for the service and support today you did my mum proud

Hello Diane,

I would just like to say on behalf of our family thank you for a lovely service today.

Everybody remarked on how poignant the Eulogy was and how smoothly it all ran.

You made a stressful day into a most memorable one.

Thanks again Paul.

Just wanted to say a heartfelt Thank you very much for all your help both leading up to Gemma’s funeral and also on the day. The service you gave Gemma and Us as a family was totally amazing. 

Thank you again 

Kerry ️xxx 

the service was beautiful and lots commented on how well it went.  I think Linda did an amazing job too, I know I couldn’t have done it.

have Stayed with Uncle Doug all day and he had lots of family and friends around him, he is doing ok bless him just going to take time I think.

The funeral place rang too to see how we were and if we were happy with everything, I feel that everyone is being so kind and helpful.

Thanks again for all your help, you were wonderful.

Dear Diane

It’s hard to think that it is over a month since Davids funeral and I am still waiting for answers.

Myself, Chris and rest of my family would like to thank you for the lovely service you gave to David on such a miserable day, it was much appreciated by all of us and made the day more bearable.

Again thank you.


Hello Diane 

I would like to thank you on behalf of Dad and the rest of the family, for the way you help us to put together our thoughts of Mum, and the way you delivered our words at yesterday’s service.

Even though it was a difficult day for us all, on reflection and Mum would have very happy with the service.

The gathering at the Beechdale went well, and quite a few people have commented on the service and how nice it was, and how proud Mum would have been of the four grandchildren

Best wishes


Hi Diane,

Just a short email to thank you for the kindness you showed to Ian and the lovely service for Kim.

It’s by far one of the nicest services we have attended, it was as if you knew Kim.

So often services seem impersonal, but that certainly wasn’t the case today.

Chris my partner, although he’s made his mind up he is not going to die, said as we left the crematorium he would like you do his service, that’s a big complement from Chris believe me.   

Thank you once again,

Jane & Ian

Hi Diane,

I would like to thank you most sincerely for the lovely service yesterday.

Thank you for getting us all through our most difficult day.

Everyone loved our service which was all down to you. Thank you again

All our love

Linda Pauline Angela and Sharon

Hi Diane

Gary and I just wanted to thank you again for today, it was a lovely service.

Best wishes


Hi Diane

Thanks for making a difficult day, that I was dreading, into a day that really did celebrate mum’s life.  Your service was lovely.

The bound copy of the Service will be treasured and having a copy online as well is a real bonus.

Best wishes Diane and thank you again.


Thanks for the lovely service.everyone said how good it was and many said they wanted to get up and dance when spirit in the sky was played.Eric would have liked that.its just a pity that we have to wait for these sad things to happen for all the family to get together.thank you so much.

I’d just like to thank you for the service for my dad Roy King on the 3rd of may. 

You did a fab job. Thankyou. 😊 

Hi, thanks for a lovely service you got everything in and put it over in a lovely way.

Many thanks, Tony and Jackie.

Hi Diane,

Thank you so much for the service today, it was lovely. 

Thanks for all your time and help. 

Best wishes, Maddie

Thanking you again for your lovely service for our Dad, I feel we did him proud. Gill. 

Hi Diane,

On behalf of the family, I would like to thank you for a lovely service. It really suited my Dad and I’m sure he would have approved.

Lots of people that came commented on how nice it was.I did a recording for Rob but it wasn’t that clear in places.Do you still have the finished service that I could email across to him? If not don’t worry I could send the draft and try and remember the changes.kind Regards David 

Hello Diane,

Just wanted to say a big `thank you very much` for my mum`s service yesterday – it was pretty much perfect (as a funeral can be anyway).

And my dad was very pleased as well so I think I`m safe to say I can speak on his behalf.

All the best, Ann-Marie

I cannot express my thanks for yesterday.  The whole service was beautifully and gracefully conducted and a massive portion of that is down to you.

Back at the house even those that Sandra deemed religious and thought would not appreciate the way that no hymns were sung came up to me and said that they actually enjoyed the service and agreed that it was graceful and respectful to Brenda.

Many thanks and hope you get more weddings than funerals in the future.  


Hi Diane

I am sorry I have not dropped you a line sooner but would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for the service of celebration for my late father, Allan Green on Tuesday.

Regards Amanda

Hi Diane.

On behalf of mum and myself, I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say what a lovely service you gave on Friday. The words you had written and the way it conducted was perfect.  You did my dad proudly. So Thank You very much.

Best wishes Sandra and Karen.xx

Hi Diane 

Thank you so much for today from all the family & thanks for the OOS you were great today.

I will pass on your thanks to my mum for you.

Everything went lovely after the service thank you & it was really lovely meeting you too. 

Thank you again from all the family.

The girls and I would like to send you a card to thank you for the amazing service you delivered for us last Friday.

Regards Sally

Hi Diane

Gary and I just wanted to thank you again for today, it was a lovely service.

Best wishes Trish

Dear Diane,

I just had to drop you a quick message to say thank you for all the work you have put in for today. You helped make our final farewells to My Dad a fitting tribute to a wonderful Man.

Thank you for your support.

Love Janet.

Dear Diana

We want to thank you for everything you did yesterday. The service was beautiful and I think Dad would have been very impressed with how it all came together. Your sensitivity in supporting Gareth but stepping back when he needed to finish himself was lovely. 

Kind Regards Jackie and family

Hi Diane,

We both wanted to thank you for your lovely service which you did on our behalf on Wednesday.

We really couldn’t have asked for a more touching tribute to our beautiful daughter Lois.

It was all and more that I had hoped for when thinking of a way to give her the send off she deserved.

I’m eternally grateful for your advice and guidance you gave me and the patience you showed during my doh! moments.

We hope you have a lovely Christmas and happy new year.

Thank you again for helping us through this.

Love from Tom and Susan. Xx

Ps. Everyone bar none said how lovely the service was.

All went well  with  your  help

Thank you for a lovely service.

Cathy x